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            Research Platforms
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            The company has built a R & D center of fungal drugs,and a sub-station of post-doctoral scientific research workstation of Fufeng group.

                Shenhua company is a subsidary wholly-owned by Fufeng Group. Fufeng group has built a special research and development center, and has a national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, a CNAS laboratory, a provincial enterprise technology center, a Provincial Key Laboratory on microbial fermentation, a provincial amino acid fermentation engineering technology research center etc. These research platforms provide a powerful technical support for Shenhua's development.

                More than 7% of sales every year is invested as the scientific research expenses.
                Currently, we cooperate with many special institutions to develop the most advanced technology in the world.

            Address: No. 188 Shenhua Road, Jinhu, Jiangsu, China
            Telephone : 400-613-1818
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