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            ABOUT US
            Company profile
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            Jiangsu Shenhua Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. ,established in 1970, is the earliest Chinese fungal drug production base, mainly devotes to the preparation medicine, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), health food and pharmaceutical excipients production, marketing and R&D. Having registered capital of 122 million CNY, the company is the subsidiary of Fufeng Group Co., Ltd.(Hong Kong listed company, code 0546 HK). It is located in Jiangsu province JinHu county, and covers an area of 120,000 square meters.At the same site, a new company, Jiangsu Fufeng Biotechnologies Co.,Ltd. was established in 2011 which focuses on the marketing of amino acid, APIs and other products manufactured by Shenhua and the group.


            The company has 9 production lines of biological fermentation, Chinese traditional medicine extraction, chemical synthesis and pharmaceutical preparations and production. It has got GMP certificates for 8 APIs and 5 dosage forms productions, which includes Polystictus Glycopeptide , glutamine and etc. Product range of the company includes 54 national approved drugs, among which has one national protected traditional Chinese medicine, two nationwide unique products, five special products which can only be produced by two manufacturers within China.

            Focusing on science, technology and innovation, the company stands on the tech-frontier of biological pharmaceutical and Chinese traditional medicine extraction industry. Not only having the special R&D center of fungal drugs of its own and the tech support from the group, the company has also built up long term research relationship with dozens of science institutions and universities, such as China pharmaceutical university, Jiangnan university and etc. At present, there are 26 new types of drugs are under development, including 1st, 5th, 6th grades of Chinese traditional medicine, and 3rd grade of chemical medicine. Focusing on fungal medicines, fungal polysaccharide series and amino acids series, and with the strength and advantages in fermentation, the company constantly develops safe, effective and economic new drugs.

            ‘Best biological pharmaceutical producer and serve the people’, ‘Innovation, Practice and Dedication’, These vision and concepts of the company is driving it to become the first brand of fungal medicine within China.  

            Address: No. 188 Shenhua Road, Jinhu, Jiangsu, China
            Telephone : 400-613-1818
            Fax number : 0517-86994411
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